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WARRANTY - Prima Plumbing

For the Labor Prima Provides

*1 Year Warranty - We stand by our work for 1 year from the date of installation.  If something happened due to installation error, we will comback at no labor cost and fix it.

For Materials/Parts Prima Provides

*1 Year Warranty - As a professional plumbing contractor, Prima Plumbing accepts full responsibility and liability of all materials and labor that we supply.


**Product Specific Warranty - Certain fixtures purchased may even come with a longer warranty provided by their manufacturer.

Examples (will vary dependent on which model requested by customer):

Garbage Disposal Warranty = 2 year (included)

Water Heater Warranty = 6 yr (included) or 10 yr (purchased separately)



**Costs of repair or replacement of materials/parts past Prima's 1 year warranty are the responisibility between customer and manufactorer.




*Scenario 1 - Prima installs a water heater and the tank leaks within 7 months. Prima will obtain a new water heater from the manufacturer and install it at no charge to the customer.


**Scenario 2 - Prima installs a water heater and the leaks at 2 years and 3 months old. It is past Prima Plumbing's warranty but still under manufacturer's warranty. Customer will contact the manufacturer and they will supply the customer with a new water heater to be picked up at a local supplier. The customer is then responsible for either

A: obtaining and installing the replacement water heater themselves

B: hiring Prima Plumbing to obtain and install it for them

For Owner Provided Fixtures/Parts

Prima is indeed comfortable with installing owner provided fixtures and parts.

However, the warranty of such fixtures and parts are between you - the customer - and the place you obtained ordered it from (i.e. box store, online, from a friend, etc.)


In order to eliminate any potential misunderstandings, please be aware fo the following obligations you assume when you choose to have us work with owner supplied/provided materials. (see pdf attachment)

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