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Rate Confirmation Form

Approval of Rates for Job Start

By submitting your name and email address, you accept the rates stated below. A copy of this confirmation will be forwarded to your email address provided

Proposal Time Limits

Proposal must be signed and accepted within 10 days of the Submitted date.
Starting from date first payment was received, the job length of the contract is limited to 6 calendar months. Any remaining Proposal work drawn beyond this limit will require a Change Order containing an Extension of Proposal.

If a longer term limit is needed, then the number of months extension needs to be requested by customer and placed into Proposal prior to Proposal acceptance.

Finish Set

Requirement: Fixture list from customer is required before Finish Set is proposed.


The default number of visits for Finish Set is 1 trip.

If more trips are needed, then the number of trips needs to be requested by customer and placed into Proposal prior to Proposal acceptance.

Owner Supplied/Provided Materials

If the Customer provides their own materials, they assume full responsibility and liability on order timing, correct order placement, meeting codes and ordinances, working condition, and missing or broken pieces.
Changes to a scheduled installation as a result of any of these conditions, or any other customer related material issues, may result in additional charges (which will not exceed Prima Plumbing Service Call rates).

Example: Prima arrives onsite to perform Finish Set for two bathrooms. During installation, it was discovered that customer mistakenly ordered one of the special lav faucets incorrectly. Customer's supplier indicates that approximately two weeks are needed for shipment of the correct faucet. The Proposal, however, only has 1 Finish Trip.
Thus, customer may choose to wait till remaining faucet comes in and then call in for a request at Prima Plumbing of a Service Call to install the owner provided special lav faucet.

Guarantees and warranties are between customer and their supplier where materials were obtained (i.e. supply store or website).

Late Arrival Compensation

Both Prima Plumbing and Customer agree to work together to arrive at job sites in a timely manner.

And there are times when unforeseen circumstances cause delay in arrival times (ex. traffic, weather, flat tire, etc.)

When such incidents occur, a lead call from either may be made to inform of the delay and provide a re-schedule.

However, in the event that a delay exceeds 30 minutes past the end of the scheduled/re-scheduled arrival time window; either Prima Plumbing or Customer may have the opportunity to request a Late Arrival Compensation form. The rate on the form is $45 per 1/4 hour past the scheduled/re-scheduled delay with a Not To Exceed of 1.5 hours.

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