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About Prima Plumbing

Prima Plumbing works with many clients; from homeowners, to general contractors and commercial businesses. Our success has been greatly spurred on by word of mouth.  The key for us to be successful is satisfying those whom we are serving.  We feel that it is important to be honest, respectful and to have integrity. 


Before Work Begins

Before we begin work we put forward a comprehensive description of the work ordered, so that all parties know what work is to be done and what the costs are for the project.  We then maintain contact throughout the work process.  This helps ensure that our clients will be satisfied and not left wondering how much the job will cost.  This thoroughness has grown, through our years of experience, in bringing the best quality plumbing and service to the consumer.

Education and Training

Our plumbers continue their education throughout their career. We make sure we attend meetings and training courses to ensure that we are both aware of the new plumbing code laws and and the new safety practices to keep the jobsite, customer and plumbers safe.

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