Welcome to Prima Plumbing

We have been working to bring quality service to our customers for 16 years.  This is our passion!  For this reason, we choose to have only the most adept members to join our firm.  We are a collective group which works together towards common goals providing the best-of-the-best level of quality to our customers.  The advisory and consulting role is lead by Larry Fischer who has been in the industry for 47 years.

Our Services

- Service Plumbing

- Service Gas Piping

- Plumbing and Gas Remodels

- Water Heater Installation and Repair
   (gas, electric and tankless)

- Residenial Locations

- Commercial Plumbing

- Main Water Line Installation and Repair

- Fixture Installation and Repair


If it's plumbing related, we do it!
Need the work inspected after completion? We would be happy to work with you on that!

- Service Calls (clogged indoor drains, broken or purst pipes, gurgling, leaks, etc.)

- Conversion (replace: garbage disposals, water heaters, toilets, old pipes [lead/galvanized/rusted/leaking and worn])

- Building and contruction jobs (from ground work to final trim)

- Water, drain and gas piping

- Remodels (any size from minor to major)

- Consulting between large companies and homeowners.


We do not do outdoor sewer or lawn watering systems. However, we do provide the fixutres that attach to the sewer and watering systems.

We provide many plumbing and gas mechanical services, but if you're in need of a specific professional (i.e. line boring, water damage, or side sewer) just give us a call!
We are proudly members of the following educational organizations:

Call us now at 1 206-706-0300 for a price estimation


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